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Guns.com Database Leaked March of 2021 - Free Download



26 Авг 2021
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In December of 2020 the site Guns.com suffered a data breach. The database start circulating in multiple hacking forums on 15 of March 2021 at 3:11:48 PM after one darknet forum user publish it for sale for just $2. Not much information is available only that it is 800 MB compressed.

Note: Based on the domain name this database is hot. It include full customer entry with information about them. Since adquiring this type of equipment in US is legit it may contain serial numbers between other sensitive information.

Note 2: Since is easily available for download this database is public domain now. Re-share to keep this hacker treasure alive and accessible to anyone but do not create a search engine or provide solved passwords as for what i have seen so far this is the main reason why raids happen.

Download 1: (Link pointing to original leak)

Download 2: